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Hi Target Indonesia Introduces GNSS to Samarinda

05 September 2022 - Kategori Blog

Samarinda City is a capital city of East Kalimantan Province. With area of 783 km², the city of Samarinda is rich in natural products such as oil, coal mines, quartz sand. Apart from that, agriculture is also growing rapidly in this city. Therefore, Samarinda is a city that has the potential to use GNSS Receivers.

On July 20, Hi Target Indonesia landed in Samarinda. The Hi Target Indonesia team consists of Mr. Daniel as the Country Manager of Hi Target and Mr. Fadjrin as the Authorized Distributor of Hi Target. Hi Target Indonesia has a mission to introduce Hi Target to mining companies in Samarinda. This visit was conducted for 3 days from July 20 to July 22.

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With the discussion material entitled “Introduction to Hi Target” and “Introduction to GNSS Receiver.” Mr. Daniel and Mr. Fadjrin visited 5 mining companies in Samarinda City. The 5 mining companies are PT. Putra Perkasa Abadi, PT. RPP Contractor Indonesia, PT. Adimitra Baratama Nusantara, PT. Ansaf Inti Resources and PT. Kutai Energy.

Hi target heading to samarinda

Every meeting in each company, Hi Target Indonesia begins the session with a presentation of discussion material, a QnA session and ends with a demo of the Hi Target GNSS Receiver. Participants from each company are around 5-10 people with the positions of surveyor, head surveyor and project manager. The surveyors were also interested in Hi Target’s capabilities and prices, so they wanted to try it out in the field.

Arriving in the field, Hi Target Indonesia demonstrated a tool, from data collection, stake out using the AR (Augmented Reality) method, downloading & importing data and available data formats. The Hi Target Indonesia team also demonstrated how to collect data in a vertical and tilt survey.

Hi target heading to samarinda 002

The surveyors were also impressed with the capabilities of the GNSS Receiver V200 because of its small size, powerful capabilities, and affordable price. So that the surveyors also gave a good impression and impression of Hi Target’s tools. Visit hitargetindonesia.net to see other Hi-Target product

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